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Q (Question) Will Human Species Survive? A NO!

"This book should be required reading for all
humanity." - By johnny rinaldo (new york)

“I really like what I have read…. This is too good a book to be ignored … you are welcome to quote me and explain my position...." - Jeffrey Simmons UK (est. 1978) War of the Windsors, Friendly Fire, The Sion Revelation, The Secret History of Lucifer


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“I really like what I have read…. This is too good a book to be ignored … you are welcome to quote me and explain my position...." - Jeffrey Simmons UK (est. 1978) War of the Windsors, Friendly Fire, The Sion Revelation, The Secret History of Lucifer.


“I just finished reading your concluding chapter "New Dawns" for the 3rd time…. It is a remarkable piece of writing.... This is also dangerous writing and a parallel between John the Baptist and you came to mind…. You are truly writing in the spirit of the prophets….” - Gavin W. Young, Jr., M.A., M.A.P.M., C.T.A.C. Whitehawk Spirit Coaching, LLC

"Whether religious or not, if you live on Planet Earth and care for future generations, you should read this most important message to Humanity from a thorough, courageous and wise scholar. One of the most significant books of our time." - Nelson Horton  Order of Socrates

“With our human species spiralling to extinction, this book is a must read for everyone. Anderson clearly defines the 3 major religions on the planet, their origins, their differences and similarities, and warns us that if we don't come out of our boxes, it could mean the end of civilization as we know it. Very informative. Should be required reading for all of humanity.” - Amazon  March 20, 2009


“The author effectively mines history to illustrate his points and his analysis of contemporary religious politics, including a fascinating investigation into the Bush Administration’s insistence on defining the enemy as evil, proves to be both convincing and frightening.” - Kirkus Discoveries

“I gave a copy of your last chapter to each member of our extended family during our Grand Canyon reunion. With our many different backgrounds, religious beliefs, and life experiences I had no idea what the reaction would be. Each day we discussed it. Let me tell you; it was a deeply religious experience for all of us." - Joseph Justice, Parthenon Salon Studios, Boca Raton Florida

"We neeed more books like this one. The time has come to bring the environmental crisis into the public mind on a broader scale." - Harry Brenan, Comments, International Herald Tribune

General Comments

“The Frost quote indeed raised the hair on the back of my neck. Indeed prescient.”

“A clearly written piece on a very, very important subject with an unusual grasp for the important historical and theological factors needing discussion.”

“I do, however, agree that the statements of Jesus to Thomas are 'a call for a redefinition of the image of God' in the sense that Marcus Borg refers to as 'panentheism.' "

“Tillich's language of Ultimate Concern and Ground of our Being seem to me to sit comfortably beside your essay.”

“I was absolutely amazed at your ability to express so clearly in writing the ideas and feelings so many of us have in the Progressive Christianity community.”

“Based on what I read in your biography, we seem to share many views.  I too have read Shelby Spong and Karen Armstrong and they have helped shape my  current theology.”



Echoes from Our Past

Author’s Note

A Message to the Reader

The end of an evangelical Christian—and evangelical Christianity

I. Searching for an answer to the riddle that is Islam, finding the end of our species

II. The first tremor felt around the world

III. The President’s decision to invade Iraq, his American chorus

IV. The President and his general, a christian soldier meets the ghost of Saladin

V. Birth pangs

Three ancient religions searching for relevance in a 21st century world

VI. The anger of Yahweh          

VII. Not the God they think they know

VIII. A revisionist view challenging Christianity’s bifurcated Triune God

IX. The meaning of the Nag Hammadi discovery for the future of Christianity, then for Judaism and Islam

X. Lessons from New Orleans, an American nation with vulnerability beyond Islamic Jihad     

XI. The pride and judgment of Christian evangelicals in Emil Dickinson’s imaginary bog

XII. The choice of Pope Benedict XVI

XIII. The Apostle Paul, a Pharisaic Jew defines Christianity on his own terms

XIV. Understanding the World Wide Threat of Islam Part I

There is no deity worthy of worship except Allah

XV. Understanding the world wide threat of Islam—Part II\

Waking the sleeping giant

XVI. Understanding the World Wide Threat of Islam—Part III

The mind of Michelangelo — The mind of Muhammad

XVII. Exposing the Root Cause of Abrahamic Enmity

The story of Jacob and Esau

XVIII. The challenge for rabbinical Judaism

The Continuing Revelation of the Hebrew God

XIX. A dying Blackfoot Indian Chief

The legacy of past belief comes back to haunt a 21st century world

Harnessing our DNA—along the path toward human survival

XX. Science, evolution and the hand of God

XXI    The challenge for three religions in the 21st century and beyond

A new philosophical/religious—and economic, way to avoid a tragic end to our species

XXII   Questions as to survival—Part I

A Solution to radical Islam

XXIII  Questions as to survival—Part II

The predator beast

XXIV Questions as to survival—Part III

The last thread of hope for New Dawns

Post Scrip — A Letter to Jerry Falwell c/o Paradise?

1000 Questions

Comments on Bibliography


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"If humanity is not to destroy itself through the might of its own technology and science, coming generations will have to take account of this momentous transformation."

Carl Gustav Jung (Undiscovered Self )