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Holy War The Blood of Abraham

Echoes from Nag Hammadi saying to all three Religions
I am not the God you think you know


Professional Reviews:

"I learned a lot from this book and it had an impact on me. Its main theme can be summed up in four steps:" - D. Webb (Anaheim, CA USA) - See all my reviews

“I was tremendously impressed by the depth of your research and by the straightforward and unequivocal presentation of your viewpoint and your personal analysis of the various philosophies, statements and individuals involved in this long saga of the definitions of the roles of GOD.” - Mike Kami
International Management Consultant

“… the general thesis is one that is centuries overdue.  These wars between the elements of the Abrahamic Religions are now affecting the entire world….the only answer is a change in the teachings of the religions involved.  The world must become as "We" and no longer can sustain itself as "Us" and "Them".
You have taken a very courageous position in writing this book...and I do consider it the most important book in at least a hundred years….” - Nelson Horton The
Florentine Order

"Not since my days in the seminary has my brain been so tantalized.  Your approach to the age old questions facing humankind today and especially the Roman Church is indeed a breath of fresh air. I Thank You and Bless you for your fine work.  Your book will now be required reading to all seminary students and current candidates for ordination, if anything but to serve as a roadmap to our relationship with discovering God within." - Bishop (A Christian Church)

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Holy War
The Blood of Abraham
- by David Anderson


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Holy War the Blood of Abraham, by David Anderson

 Additionally, this book will answer the following questions:

- What was so different about the Jesus discovered at Nag Hammadi, Egypt in 1945?

- Why has Christianity had such difficulty reconciling that message with its doctrinal own? 

- Was Jesus in his youth influenced by Hellenistic thought?

- Is this the reason he was rejected by 1st century Judaism?

- Why is he being rejected by Judaism today?

- What is the one great flaw in Islam?    

- On a rapidly changing planet, is there a future for the three religions of Abraham in their present form?


An Open Letter: To those of the Christian faith



I The God of Jesus Christ


II The One True God


III The Origin of Enmity The Story of Jacob and Esau


IV Discovering Another Jesus


1. A World Ceaselessly Seeking GOD

2. My Soul

3.A Peace That Passes All Understanding

4.Entering Heaven/Entering into the Presence of GOD


V Was Jesus of Nazareth the Messiah? Will He Come Again?


VI The Common Denominator On which Christians Must Judge Themselves: What is happening in the Upper Room?


5. The Enlightenment of the Upper Room

6. The Temptations that Keep us Away From the Upper Room


VII The Free Will to Make Christian Choices


7. Opening the Barriers of our Self-imposed Limitations

8. Be Careful What You Wish For


VIII From Each According to His or Her Ability


9. Reaping Where He Has Not Sowed and Gathering Where He Has Not Strawed               


IX Breaking Through to the Other Side


10. Entering Into His Presence

11. Submission to the Power of GOD

12. From the Least to the Greatest

13. Seeing Beyond the Prophets


X The Christian Evangelicals Pride and Judgment in the Bog


14. Jerry Falwell and His “Bog” of Believers

15 Croaking in Judgment of Those Outside the “Bog”

16. “Frogs” Bogged Down in the Muck of the “Bog”|

17. The Gift of Redemption Outside the “Bog”


XI Human Intelligence versus Creationism


XII The Presence of the Light


18. The Meaning of the Light

19. The Light Within Us

20. The Healing Power of the Light

21. Guided by the Light

22. My Face You Can Not See

23. Returning from the Light


XIII The Apostle Paul Shaping Early Christianity in His Own Image


24. Misguided Minds

25. Judge Not

26. The Weight of the Law On All Religions

27. Through Jesus Christ?

28. Presenting Yourself to GOD

29. A GOD of Anger and Love


 a GOD Only of Love

30. The Meaning of the Resurrection

31. Christ Within

32. Evil

33. Your Own Salvation

34. Pressing Forward

35. Have No Anxiety

36. The Higher Realm vs  the Earthly Realm

37. Fragmented Through the Prophets


XIV A Christian Challenges Rabbinical Judaism


XV Why Muhammad Could Not Accept Roman Catholicism’s God of Jesus Christ


XVI Three Different Approaches to Salvation


38. Three Monotheistic Beliefs


XVII Jesus Goes Back to Genesis to Face the Deceiver 


39. The Eleventh Commandment


XVIII The Challenge for Christianity in the 21st century and Beyond To Continue the Painting


Concluding Statement - The Legacy of Hebraic Belief Meets a 21st century World

Sexuality and Christianity

Comments on Bibliography




This book challenges the validity of many of the beliefs that in the 4th century were declared to be inviolate by the Roman Bishops and are accepted today in Christianity, as well as in Islam. It supports the work done by religious scholars from the Westar Institute and "The Jesus Seminar." One of them is Elaine Pagels who is quoted below:

Elaine Pagels Quotation

Elaine Pagels  PhD, Department of Religion, Princeton University, scholar on early Christianity.  Most recent book, published in May 2003, Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas. New York Times best-seller list for 19 weeks. Nominated for Pulitzer Prize. Also author: The Gnostic Gospels, The Origin of Satan.

The author Elaine Pagels in her book Beyond Belief The Secret Gospel of Thomas remarks:

"I was amazed when I went back to the Gospel of John after reading Thomas, for Thomas and John clearly draw upon similar language and images, and both, apparently, begin with similar secret teaching. But John takes this teaching to mean something so different that I wondered whether John could have written his Gospel to refute what Thomas teaches.... I was finally convinced that this is what happened."