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David Anderson shares his insights in "Overcoming the Threat to Our Future" His book takes a deeper look at the relationship between Homo sapiens and planet earth and the cosmos

BOCA RATON, Fla. -  We are being faced with an existential threat. There is the possibility of human extinction. Unlike threats in the past to life on the planet, this one will not be determined by a random meteorite/asteroid or natural planetary happening. It will be species' self-inflicted. We are that species.

Overcoming the Threat to Our Future calls for a radically different understanding of the relationship between Homo sapiens and Planet earth and the cosmos.

It challenges the implicit ecological legitimacy of the political, social, religious and economic institutions on which our modern world society is grounded. It says that many areas of our thought process justifying the structuring of these institutions believed to contain "inherent truths" were built on geo-ecological flaws. It describes in detail these flaws. It calls for them to be addressed now. It says that if they are not, enormous pain and suffering will soon come not just to our own but to all life on this planet.













# 1    A Lesson from Socrates

         Part I       Flash of a firefly in the night

         Part II      When lies become truths

         Part III     Religious and Sophistic behavior in the 21st century

# 2    A Warning from Sigmund Freud 

# 3    The Anthropomorphic God of Abraham

         Part I       Yahweh

         Part II      Dancing with the Devil in defiance of Cosmic Order

# 4    Human Civilization The Future

         Part I       Our Planetary Dilemma

         Part II      The Journey from Wasps and Ants to Apes, Chimpanzees and Bonobos to Australopithecus to Neanderthalensis to Homo sapiens

         Part III     Homo economicus we have all become

         Part IV     “longue durée”

         Part V       Thought Periods

         Part VI      Ecologically Destructive Institutions

         Part VII     The Bridge

         Part VIII    Survival

         Part IX      Collapse

         Part X       Tipping Points – Next Three Generations

         Part XI      The ecological threat to/from Islam

         Part XII     Freedom

         Part XIII    A New Axial Age ?

         Part XIV    Egyptian reflections on our future

# 5    A Clue from the Monastery at Nag Hammadi

# 6    Back to Lascaux

         Part I       Co-Creation in the Dordogne

         Part II      Richard Tarnas – Nature’s unfolding truth

# 7    The Sumerian Problem 

         Part I       Scripture

         Part II      Beyond Scripture

# 8    A Dangerous Zero Negative Sum Game – The “Chicago School” vs the Planet

         Part I       From Adam Smith to Milton Friedman to Alan Greenspan

         Part II      George Soros

         Part III     The Increase in the Emissions of CO2 and a Methane Hydrate Feedback Loop

         Part IV      An Economic Solution for the Increase in the Emissions of CO2 and a Methane Hydrate Feedback Loop

# 9    Forging a New Global Ethic for Planetary Survival -

         “The Tragedy of the Commons”

#10    Reinventing the Sacred in the Age of the Cosmos

         Part I       Hebraic vs Hellenic Thought

         Part II      The Enlightenment

         Part III     Our industrial civilization

         Part IV     David Bohm’s Post Modern Gnosticism

         Part V      Our future

         Part VI     The war between the Rational and Irrational mind


Concluding Remarks by the Author

Appendix # I

Joseph Campbell’s MONOMYTH

Appendix # II

The Limits to Growth