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The Infidels


This book rests its case on the pemise that you cannot destroy an idea by force. You must go back to its source and offer in its place a new and better idea.  

This approach can be used as a solution to: 


1) The Israeli Palestinian feud as it metastasizes.

2) A fragmented Alawite/Sunni Syria as it remains in bitter gridlock. Shiite Iran sits and gloats. Hezbollah gains in strength.

3) Israelis with their dozens of atomic bombs saying: "Never again."

4) Western society being challenged by Islam, last seen as a threat to its very existence during the great Christian Islamic battles of the Dark Ages.

5) An American strategy of "killing terrorists" only strengthening their resolve and encouraging them.

6) The why of radical Islam continuing to have multiple rebirths.

"I finished your book, The Infidels.  It is a marvelous work, thought  provoking and topical ...."




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David Anderson brings together a wide range of interests in his writings, namely; theology, history, evolutionary anthropology, philosophy, geopolitics, and economics. His first book, Holy War The Blood of Abraham explored the underlying forces driving today's Jewish/Christian/Islamic conflict. This book,The Infidels, centers on Islam. See above for further description. David is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the University of Hawaii (Harvard Asia Pacific) Advanced Management Program. He has extensive knowledge of the Middle East. Over his career he was an international risk manager and senior executive at several of America's premier multinational institutions.


Professional Reviews


"A must read to understand source of terror. The book tells how the Hebrew teachings are the source of the Christian and Islam versions of violence. The author does a scholarly job of comparison of the three religions...." - Stewart C. Jackson


   “… the general thesis is one that is centuries overdue.  These wars between the elements of the Abrahamic Religions are now affecting the entire world …. the only answer is a change in the teachings of the religions involved.  The world must become as "We" and no longer can sustain itself as "Us" and "Them".  You have taken a very courageous position in writing this book...and I do consider it the most important book in at least a hundred years.” - Nelson Horton The Florentine Order



“I finished your book ‘The Infidels’.  It is a marvelous work, thought  provoking and topical.... The physical existence statement on page 236 is one of the finest I have ever read.” - William S. Scott, Executive Director Theo van Gogh Society, 


"I was tremendously impressed by the depth of your research and by the straightforward and unequivocal presentation of your viewpoint and your personal analysis of the various philosophies, statements and individuals involved in this long saga of the definitions of the roles of GOD." - Mike Kami International Management Consultant

(Michael Kami is considered one of the foremost consultants in the world on strategic planning and strategic management for future success of organizations, national or global. The author asked him to critique this book.)

("One of the most brilliant planners I know is Michael Kami" - “Nobody knows strategy business better than Mike Kami"  Peter Drucker) 


"Thank you, David. I enjoyed reading The Infidels so very much. I am still amazed at the depth and breadth of your research. Such order and clarity is not often found in today's writings. Whatever else comes in our futures, it has been a great time to have been alive...and to have lived our lives in a democracy (almost at least) where so many individuals have found the necessity and courage to speak their minds about all things. I don't know where all of your "energy" is coming from, David. Believe me are doing so very much good for humanity at large. You have sown the seeds of "Wisdom" so very well.  Take care, my friend. May you live forever and enjoy being alive so very, very much." - Nelson




Note: Some of the chapters are followed by “Reflections”, the contents of which support the conclusions of the chapter preceding them. These reflections draw on many different forms of religious and philosophical thought. They express a “progressive” view in line with current religious scholarship. They run against religious orthodoxy in all three of the Abrahamic religions. 

A Prayer for the Western Wall

Ominous Echoes from Our Past

An Open Letter to Those of the Three Religions of Abraham

I     The Role of Religion


II    The Beginning and the End of Religious Diversity


III   The Legacy of Hebraic Religious Belief


IV   The First of the Infidels The Story of Jacob and Esau


V    Three Different Approaches to Salvation


VI   The Challenge to Rabbinical Judaism

       The Continuing Revelation of the Hebrew God


VII   Was Jesus of Nazareth the Messiah? Will He Come               Again?


VIII  The Uncertain Future of Islam


Part I Understanding the World Wide Threat of Islam

          There is No Deity Worthy of Worship except Allah


Part II Understanding the World Wide Threat of Islam

                                                      Waking the Sleeping Giant

Part III

Part III Understanding the World Wide Threat of Islam

            The Mind of Michelangelo —

            The Mind of Muhammad


IX    The God They Think They Know

        The Torah God

        The Triune God

        The God of Jesus Christ


X      A Revisionist View from a Gnostic Jesus

        Challenging All Three Religions

        Supported by Einstein’s Theories of Space and Time


XI     The Common Denominator on Which




         Must Judge Themselves:

         What is  Happening in the Upper Room?


XII     The Free Will to Make Our Choices


XIII    From Each According to His and Her Ability


XIV    Biblical Thoughts on Breaking Through to the Other Side


XV      Biblical and Other References to

          The Other Dimension


XVI     The Apostle Paul – A Pharisaic Jew Defines

           Christianity on His Own Terms


XVII     Emily Dickinson

            and The Christian Evangelicals

            Pride and Judgment in the Bog


XVIII    Science, Evolution and the Hand of GOD


XIX      The Challenge for the Religions of Abraham

            in the 21st century and Beyond




1000 Questions


Comments on Bibliography



Sexuality and the Religions of Abraham